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Cabana Retreat

1. What is glamping?

Glamping stands for Glamorous Camping. Glamping with Cabana Retreat is a truly luxurious camping experience, providing you a comfortable and welcoming home where you can relax and unplug.

2. Do i have to setup my own tent?

All the hard work is taken care of. Here in Cabana Retreat we will set everything for you and once your Glamping experience finishes we will clean it for you.

3. Do you supply food and drinks?

Yes, our Fuga Beach Dining and Bar in Cabana Retreat allows you to get access to food easily.

4. How do we lock our tent?

For our guests we will supply a padlock for you to secure the tent and to help protect your valuable belongings.

5. How many people can fit into a tent?

  • Our 5m Bell tent can fit up to 4 adults.

  • Our 4m Bell tent can fit up to 2 adults

6. Can we go Glamping as a family with our children?

Yes, of course! We believe the facilities and activities that we offered suit your child’s needs.

7. Can our pets Glamp with us?

As much as we love pets, we don't allow it.

8. What is the check in and check out time?

  • Check-in 2 p.m.

  • Checkout 11 a.m.

9. What happens if it rains during my stay?

Malaysia is a tropical climate country with occasional passing showers and thunderstorms. However, our tents are waterproof and they handle adverse weather very well. During particularly heavy or persistent rain, water may drip through zips. We advise to move belongings away from the edges of the tent and making sure they are not touching the walls. It is always recommended to contact any of the Cabana Retreat’s staffs and get an onsite assessment of the weather.

10. How can I book a BBQ pit?

You can easily get a BBQ pit by asking one of our staff at the Reception for free, however cutleries will not be supplied for free:

  • Plastic Cup: RM0.30/cup

  • Plastic Plate: RM0.50/plate 

  • Plastic Fork: RM0.20/fork

  • Plastic Spoon: RM0.20/spoon

  • Charcoal: RM20/plastic


11. Can I get a table set up outside my tent?

Table & chairs can be set up for free accordingly as follow:

  • Romantic: 1 Table 2 Chairs

  • Classic: 1 Table 2 Chairs

  • Deluxe Single: 1 Table 2 Chairs

  • Deluxe Queen: 1 Table 4 Chairs

  • Quad: 1 Table 4 Chairs

Additional Table and Chair will be charged as follow (subject to availability):

  • RM5/Table

  • RM3/Chair


12. I love Cabana Retreat! Can I visit without staying?

We love to have you around! All you need to do is to purchase a RM5.00 walk-in ticket at the reception. Click here to understand our Visitor Rules and Regulations. 

13. Is Cabana Retreat open for wedding/ commercial shoot?

Absolutely! Click here to know more. ​

14. What should i pay more attention to while staying in cabana retreat?

We appreciate your concern. Kindly check on our Resort Policy & Rules.

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