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Rivercruise & Fireflies Tour

Looking for activities other than beach activities? Join our Rivercruise & Fireflies Tour and explore the wildlife and nature! 


If you love nature , this tour will definitely be one of your favorite! Exploring the mangrove tree along the Tempasuk River! Besides mangrove, you will also be to see local village panorama along the cruise and able to spot local birds, monitor lizard, and more! If you lucky enough, you might able to spot one of the Sabah Borneo's Icon, the proboscis monkeys!  Hence, do not forget to bring your binoculars!

However, as much as we hate to disappoint, we are entering a natural habitat where sightings are common, but it is NOT GUARANTEED.

Also experience Borneo after-dark as you set out once more on a night rivercruise offering  enchanting sight of Christmas lights emanating from fireflies and enjoy the star view outside the city!

Full Package


RM 85 for Adult

RM 80 for Child

Price inclusive of 

  • High Tea

  • Dinner

  • Rivercruise & Fireflies Tour

4.00pm -  High Tea

4.30pm  - Departure for Rivercruise

5.30pm  - Sunset Dinner

7.30pm  - Fireflies Tour 

Rivercruise Tour 


RM 50 for Adult

RM 45 for Child

Fireflies Tour


RM 20 for Adult

RM 20 for Child

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